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From clerical staff to executives to managers to C-level decision makers QUAIL EAS can be easily used & benefited from by every employee across Pre-Sales, Sales, Operations, Supply Chain, Compliance, Human Resources, Finance, Purchases Departments.

Lean, Smooth, End-To-End

Supports every Operating System, QUAIL is a one-stop solution to streamline every business task.

Intelligent & Intuitive

QUAIL Intelligence is derived from factual online data taken from authentic sources & well planned mathematical / programming models.

Mitigates Data Contamination & Redundancy

Comprehensive user defined specs, detection of false data entry and cloud based central data archiving empowers QUAIL to manage & integrate data effectively.

Allows Large Integrations & Scalability

Any addition to the number of Companies, Departments, Clients, Products & Services, Countries, Regulations etc QUAIL grows and adapts as per your business.

Enables Last Minute Change of Scope

Changes are absorbed by QUAIL instantly and reflected across the value chain.

Customises as per Your Practices

Every QUAIL is different. It changes as per company, nature of business, company policies, geography, regulations etc.

Easy to use for Clients & Team

The dashboards, content, notifications & flow of information is tested on a variety of users to make it simple, clear, self-explanatory and integrated.

Highly Secure

Advanced endpoint security that goes far beyond the traditional antivirus scanners and creates a security perimeter around each device regardless of its location.

Extensible to the Cloud

Accessibility of inexpensive raw storage, flexibility to intelligently archive it and ability to leverage the scalability, convenience, and economics of cloud storage.

Multiple Satellites - One Enterprise System!

Realizing efficiency gain across value chain.

Email marketing, cataloging, application forms validation, offer documentation, billing, customer relations etc…Transaqt makes all your pre-sales, sales and service activities automated, organised and recorded.

Desk-reviews of documents, policies, and procedures, in-depth mock inspections, readiness assessments - QUADIT due-deligence report lists all of the observations found as well as corrective and preventive action recommendations. It also adapts to last minute changes in governing standards, client requirements etc.

With a library of approved templates and clauses in place - with QONTRACT, users can auto-build contracts based on defined business rules, bulk data upload, commercial terms, risk of noncompliance etc. Teams can collaborate, review contracts, track committments, trigger the appropriate actions from anywhere in the world.

Real-time access & synced view of quality and manufacturing data, control over costs of all internal processes, process automation, predict problems, routine audits, measurable data tracking & storage, complete traceability, track-ability, and genealogy of every part, Ensuring regulations & compliances etc... QUAILity improves confidence in product quality, and has a positive effect on company reputation.

LOGISTIQS offers complete supply chain visibility - traceability, efficiency, flexibility and access to performance data thereby saving time, costs, hassles and optimizing workflow. You can take the right action at the right time and execute as planned. Work smarter, not harder!

Managing easy-to-use core accounting functions to complex tasks like optimize profitability, measure cash flow, determine tax obligations, ensure compliance, and maintain long-term enterprise sustainability etc. QUANTIFI offers dynamic visibility & complexity comprehending qualities into enterprise data thereby empowering teams with the ability to generate prebuilt reports, accelerate productivity, reduce close times, discover real-time insights across an array of financial processes.

QOST manages the complete project lifecycle delivering dependable forecasts, cost control, and performance measurement, estimate labor, equipment, and material costs for jobs generating project estimates, automated scheduling, detailed estimating and budgeting, project forecasting, change management etc. Transform how modern businesses work symbiotically with distributed teams, contractors, and clients.

Track and store digital electronic documents and/or images of paper documents, integrating systems, storage, databases, applications like email, data capture, document imaging, ediscovery, tools such as search, version Control, retrieval, expiry of information and the provision of services to manage Digital content in a full life cycle manner with CERTIFIQATE.

Reduce business risk with future-proof services delivered from secure, redundant data centers that are monitored 24/7/365. QLOUD offers better security, reliable management and maintenance (timely and automated updates), instant access to data, scalability and numerous integrations. Gain insight into what is happening at multiple locations around the globe anytime anywhere.

Easily set policies and restrictions across the enterprise, limit the scope of a data leak, Conversation grouping of email messages, Support for HTML messages, Support for viewing message reply status, Enhanced device security through password policies, Support for availability information for contacts etc. QONNECT keeps corporate data secure while enabling users to work uninterrupted.

Developed for greater control, visibility, transaction accuracy and speed QUAD automates, standardizes, simplifies & transforms data into value by directly exchanging data with select partners to gain traction. QUAD links your systems to your clients, enabling you to manage your business process confidently using your own system thereby allowing faster and easier transfer of information. As a result, you can respond to changing demands more efficiently.

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